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Researcher Services

Researchers are good at researching but they do not necessarily know how to get the message out about their research once it is completed. More to the point, many researchers really do not have an interest in this final step in the process.

However, granting agencies are paying much more attention to Knowledge Translation and it is absolutely critical to the success of your grant application that you have a solid Knowledge Translation plan. Insidermedicine works with researchers to develop their communication plan and then execute the plan once the research is complete.

Insidermedicine also helps researchers when they are applying for grants to make sure that their knowledge translation plan is as good as it can be, giving them the edge they need while seeking a grant.

We create a Knowledge Translation / communications package for you based on your needs and budget...

News Story and Other Content
We create a news story around your research using text, a video news release and press releases. Where needed, we will use whiteboard and 3D animations to explain concepts.

Example news story
Example whiteboard video
Example Case Study Summary

Insidermedicine has created over 5,000 medical news videos in the last 5 years.
Researcher Website
We will set up a research-focused website for you to highlight your work, background and publications.

Example researcher website

Hosted by, your website will get much more exposure from search engines.

And we distribute your message widely...
Your content becomes the lead story on and gets a permanent page.

Our site receives thousands of views per week and is indexed by major news sites every 6 minutes.
Social Media
We push your message out through social media channels including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Our YouTube channel has over 1.5 million views!

iPhone / iPad
We give you iPhone/iPad distribution through Insidermedicine medical news apps and video/audio podcasts.

You can reach a bigger audience using our iPhone and iPad apps.
Your content is distributed through IMTV screens in doctor's offices.

Captive audiences in doctor’s waiting rooms will pay attention to your story.
Press Campaign
We coordinate a national press release to coincide with your other communications.

With bigger stories, we go North America-wide.

Your content can be translated to Chinese and made available through our iPhone app.

This app is designed to exchange knowledge with Chinese medical professionals.

Unique Communication

There is no other company that can offer this combination of communication services for Canadian researchers.

We look forward to talking with you. Please use the Contact Us form at the top of this page to get in touch, to find out more, or to get a quote. Alternatively, you can email us directly at